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About Covid-19 and how it affects West Coventry Academy


Monday 23rd March West Coventry Academy closed due to Government guidelines

From this date staff were required to upload online work and resources for students to work independently for remote learning. No live teaching took place for most of the remaining school year. From 15th June Sixth Form lessons were delivered remotely but as 'live' lessons using TEAMS software and half the usual lesson length (2 hrs per subject per week recommended). Teachers delivered new content this way and set additional work/homework to increase the work available to students. The work continued to follow the subject specification and primarily consisted of note taking and retrieval tasks to check understanding. Students were able to engage with teachers verbally to ask questions.

No formal assessments in controlled conditions were able to take place during this time and we also started the UCAS application process later than usual via pre-recorded whole group PowerPoint presentations with a live Q&A sessions using the POSTS facility on TEAMS.