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About West Coventry Academy


    Arthur Terry Learning Partnership

    The Arthur Terry Learning Partnership has appointed local governing bodies at each school.

    In late 2021, The Arthur Terry Learning Partnership concluded a review of its governance practice and structures across the Partnership and its individual schools.  The primary focus on improving information flows as the ATLP grows and clearly defining the role of local school governance, which up to this point has been provided through Local Governing Bodies.  As the governance needs have changed over the last five years, particularly due to impact of the pandemic and the ongoing centralisation of many functions previously managed by individual schools, the Trust Board’s objective was to find a new way to maintain strong, meaningful links with ATLP schools and their communities.  The new governance structure to be adopted in the 2022-23 Academic year supports this ethos with the introduction of the Governance and Consultation Network alongside the introduction of local School Advocates, whom will provide specialist and targeted support in an advisory capacity to their school/group of schools and the Trust as a whole.

    Each ATLP school / group of schools will be supported by 4 talented individuals, each of whom will provide advice and assistance in one of the specific areas listed below:

    • Safeguarding
    • Vulnerable Children
    • Community engagement
    • Support and Challenge

    The introduction of the advocate roles and their associated trust-wide committees will replace the historic local school governor role and local governing bodies, and place a renewed emphasis on collective improvement and excellence across our family of schools.  Through introducing specific responsibilities and remits for each advocate role, and as a result of advocates liaising with both their local school and their skillset peers in advocate committees; local schools and ATLP as a whole will benefit from increased communication opportunities between the Board and local levels to improve informed decision-making processes.

    West Coventry Academy is currently seeking people to work with us as our school Advocates.  We are looking for people who are excited to help us deliver the very best for our children, their families and our community.  Advocates will be appointed for a term of 4 years and work closely with the school leadership to advance the opportunities for students and their schools, and help ensure the school is as strong as it can be.  The roles require a time commitment of approximately 30-40 hours per year, broken down into meeting attendance, preparation, email/telephone communications and training.

    Please click here for the ATLP Recruitment Pack

    West Coventry Academy Local Governing Body

      Governors and their roles:

      Chair of Governors                   :                     Mrs Jane Jones

      Vice Chair                                   :                     Mrs M Palmer

      Parent Governor                       :                     Mrs H Brookes

      Staff Governors                         :                     Mrs N Green and Mrs C Franklin

      Academy Governor                   :                     Mr M Dodd

      Headteacher                              :                     Mrs A Neofitou

      If you wish to contact the governing board, please write to the following address:

      Mrs Jane Jones
      c/o West Coventry Academy
      Nutbrook Avenue
      CV4 9PW

      Business Interest Confirmation 2019-20
        Download (309kb)

      Business Interest confirmation 2020-21
        Download (308kb)

      Business Interest confirmation 2021-22
        Download (306kb)

      Declaration of Business and Pecuniary Interests 2021-22
        Download (479kb)

      Governing Body Constitution 2019-20
        Download (419kb)

      Governing Body Constitution 2020-21
        Download (417kb)

      Governing Body Constitution 2021-22
        Download (419kb)

      Meeting Attendance 2019-20
        Download (427kb)

      Meeting Attendance 2020-21
        Download (422kb)

      Meeting Attendance 2021-22
        Download (405kb)

      WCA scheme of delegation
        Download (436kb)

      Governor Documentation Summary 2020-21
        Download (456kb)

      Schedule of Meetings 2020-21
        Download (403kb)

      Finance, Risk & Audit Committee TOR
        Download (446kb)