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Life at School

About life here at West Coventry Academy

Student Leadership

Year 11 Student Leadership

Head Girl
Hi, I'm Libby, Head Girl here at West Coventry Academy. I will be working with the Year 11 and Year 13 Student Leadership teams to ensure that we all have the best year ever at West Coventry Academy. I will do my best to represent student views and represent our school to the best of my ability.

Head Boy
Hi, my name is Harry and I am Head Boy at West Coventry Academy. My aim this year is to raise money for multiple charities and make a positive contribution to the whole school community.

Transition Team
Hello, I am a Deputy Head Girl. I’m part of the Transition Team, to support Year 6 students to successfully and confidently step up into Year 7. I will make all our new students feel welcome and comfortable here at West Coventry Academy. Ellie

Hi, I will be working with the Year 7 Team to help Year 7s settle into our school, making sure they feel happy and settled. I will also be organising events for Year 7 to take part in. Isabelle

I am a part of the of the Year 7 and Year 11 Transition Team. I am really looking forward to working with the Student Leadership Team this year. Vinusaa

I am pleased to be part of the Year 11 Student Leadership Team and I’m looking forward to working with the rest of the team to help Year 7 settle into our school. Umar

Charity Group
I am Beth, Deputy Head Girl and leader of the Charity Group. I’m looking forward to creating new, safe, and exciting ways to raise money for deserving causes as well as raising awareness about local charities.

Hi, I am Crystal, a Deputy Head Girl. I’ll be organising charity events to support charities within our local area. I also want to make sure our school is a happy learning environment for students to thrive.

Communications and Publicity
I will be working alongside Rosie on student voice projects this half term, looking at issues that are important to the whole school. Elijah

Hi, I am Rosie. This year we will be focusing on student voice and communicating the issues that matter to students, to our teachers and the Senior Leadership Team.

Social Events Team
I am Letitia, part of the Head Boy & Girl Team. I will raise awareness of social issues in society and seek views on a range of issues. Look out for our termly student newsletter!

Hi, I’m Jack and I will be working with Letitia on a whole host of projects that will benefit both the students and the school.

Diversity Team
Hi, I’m Maryam, Head of the Diversity Team. This year I hope to raise awareness and understanding of all the types of important issues that are going on around the world.

I’m Thomas, part of the Diversity Team and I will be working with both the Sixth Form and Year 11 Student Leadership Team this academic year, focusing on a range of topics.

Year 13 Student Leadership

Hi there! I’m Maya and I’m one of the Chairpersons on this year’s Sixth form Leadership Team, I will be working closely with my fellow co-chair Amélie and the rest of the team.

This year we aim to continue to make the pupils of this school feel heard and recognised, especially after the craziness of this past 6 months. We want to do our best to make this year a memorable one and with the help of the brilliant group of people we have on this team, I am confident we can!

I look forward to working hard to bring about positive change.

Hiya, I’m Amélie and I’m Sixth Form’s new Co-Chairperson. I’m delighted to have been appointed to this role and I am very excited for this academic year!

This is a hugely important year to bring the school and community together, something I want to encourage through great support and determination within our student body.

I’m looking forward to working with our team, students and the wider school community to make this a memorable year.

Hello, I’m Emmanuel and I am in charge of Diversity ensuring everyone feels welcome and included at West Coventry Academy.

I am aiming to inform and educate to ensure that WCA remains tolerant of each other’s differences and be respectful to all.



Hi, I’m Nadia and I’m really excited to be Deputy Chairperson for WCA Sixth Form this year!

I’m really looking forward to bringing some fresh ideas to the school and working with Amélie and Maya to make Sixth Form a welcoming and friendly environment for you all!



I’m Lucy, Head of Charities this year.

Although this year comes with its challenges (Covid-19), I am still determined to address all the charities we hope to fundraise for, planning unique and exciting ways to do so.



Hi, I’m Morgan and this year I am in charge of Year 11 Transition.

I hope to promote our Sixth Form as much as possible to show the younger years how good it really is here! Good luck to everyone this academic year.


Hi, I am Peter, Head of Media and Communications. My role involves getting information to students and parents about current Student Leadership projects, gathering information from students about what they feel are the important issues with regards to their school experience. I will communicate through school social media accounts to enable me to provide information directly to students and I’ll spread awareness of the different and exciting opportunities available here and the improvements we will be making throughout the year.



Hi everyone, I will be heading up the Social Events Team working hard to ensure both year groups at our Sixth Form enjoy their time at school. Obviously due to circumstances, it will take time for events to happen, but as soon as restrictions are lifted, I will try my hardest to make sure that we can take part in some fun team activities in a safe manner. Owen