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Life at School

About life here at West Coventry Academy

Student Leadership

The Student Leadership program is at the heart of our school community.  The team is led by a Head Boy and a Head Girl, both of whom are in Year 11.  The team itself contains representatives from all year groups and they are split into subgroups to focus upon specific projects that make a positive difference to both the school and wider community.

Examples of the kinds of activities they have been involved include:

  • The ‘Switch it off Fortnight’
  • A peer mentoring scheme with our Personalised Learning Centre
  • A Year 9 project involving a local care home
  • A group of Student Leaders worked with the local Police as part of the Commissioner Take Over Day presenting their ideas about the local area to Coventry City Councillors and the Police. The Council is now looking into a crossing on Tile Hill Lane based on the group’s findings
  • Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 Student Leaders took part in the 11 Million Day Summit at Coventry City Council discussing their ideas on healthy eating, pastoral care and mental health, to name but a few, which will now be used to plan effective service provision for young people in Coventry. 
  • A school wide £100 challenge was launched for all tutor groups to plan a charity event to raise the most money, with all proceeds going to Zoe's Place and Myton Hospice this year.  They also organised a Teacher Lip Sync battle where lots of teachers took part raising £206 for Zoe’s Place through ticket sales.
  • Four members of the Head Boy and Girl team are taking  take part in a project aimed at creating a PREVENT app to help vunerable children who may be at risk of radicalisation. The project is in conjunction with the Home Office, Coventry University and Action for Children