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DofE with a Difference

DofE with a Difference


The coronavirus doesn’t mean your DofE needs to stop – far from it.

Whether you have already enrolled, or want to use this period of time to start your DofE journey. There is plenty you can do to complete your Volunteer, Skill and Physical sections during Lockdown!

Lockdown Activities


  • Jogging (e.g. Strava, Couch to 5k)
  • Army Fit
  • Cycling
  • Home workouts – Search YouTube e.g. Joe Wicks PE workout
  • Wii Fit
  • Online Zumba, Dance or HIT lessons
  • Yoga (Youtube – Yoga with Adrian)
  • Fitness challenges (e.g. 100 press up challenge, plank challenge, step challenge)
  • Sport skills (e.g. keepy uppy)
  • Walking

Skill - Ideas

  •  Sharpen your photography skills with Sharp Shots Photo Club’s online course
  • Learn to cook
  • Learn to play an instrument
  • Learn sign language (
  • Learn first aid with the online course from  St John Ambulance
  • Learn to knit, sew or crochet
  • Make birthday / greeting cards
  • Learn to garden – set up a vegetable or herb plot at home
  • Learn coding and programming skills online
  • Research your family: set up a family tree online and use resources to find out more about them – call your family to chat about their memories and family stories – ask them to send copies of birth and death certificates to help you in your research – how far can you go back?
  • Reading; write and share a book review of each one you read
  • Painting, drawing or model making
  • Table top gaming
  • Film making or vlogging
  • Learn to build a website
  • Put up a birdfeeder and learn about the birds coming to your garden
  • Meditation – Headspace app

Volunteering - Ideas

Already started your DofE?

Email to discuss changing your chosen activities to ones that can be completed during lockdown.


Not started your DofE yet?

If you are in Year 9 or above, read through the other sections on our website and then send an email to:

Year 11 students can start at their Silver and Year 12 students can start at their Gold


Start your Duke of Edinburgh Journey today and do something worthwhile whilst in lockdown!