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Joining the School

About joining West Coventry Academy

Year 6 into 7 Activities


Here are some activities from West Coventry Academy’s English department that they would like you to have a go at before you start with us in Year 7:


Here are some activities from West Coventry Academy's Maths department. Use the PowerPoints below alongside the booklet.

Booklet - (PDF Download 1.58mb)
Part 1 - (PPT Download 5.54mb)
Part 2 - (PPT Download 3.64mb)
Part 3 - (PPT Download 1.09mb)
Part 4-  (PPT Download 1.57mb)


Here are some activities from West Coventry Academy's Science department.  Download the PDFs and follow the links below:

Polar Explorer Programme - (PDF Download 84mb)
Polar Explorer Certificate of participation - (PDF Download 11mb)
Polar Explorer Certificate Event Invitation (PDF Download 56kb)

Get Ready for Science (PDF Download 1mb)

Youtube - RRS Sir David Attenborough - The Ship, engineering and construction
Youtube - Antarctica Algae turning snow green


Becoming an Outstanding Geographer at WCA: (DOCX Download 2.72mb)

Design & Technology:

The D+T Monster Challenge: (PPT Download 4.57mb)


We know that these unprecedented times have made it difficult for students to transition into secondary school in the traditional way of visiting and taking part in activities.  You as parents are also in the unexpected position of providing the educational motivation and nurturing that is usually taken care of by the staff at WCA.  So we here at WCA library are here to support you in delivering reading opportunities in the home.

We have created a really exciting reading group for all Year 6 students heading here in September 2020.  Only accessed by students, their parents and WCA staff means you can confidently see your children broaden their reading horizons, to read independently and encourage their reading for pleasure.

Many educational organisations have made online resources available for free so the group is rich with activities, access to complimentary e-books, recommendations and opportunities to explore the world of reading.  Students will be invited to take part in competitions, fun assignments and offer their own views and recommendations to the group.

Take the stress out of home-schooling by signing up to Edmodo and letting us guide your children into a world of adventure from the safety of their armchair.

Year 6 Students heading to WCA with Ms. Wilkins

I’m using Edmodo in my class to keep everyone updated! I’ll use it to share important notes, assignments and more. It’s free and it takes under a minute to sign up! Learn how to get started below.

Instructions for Students

  • Visit using your smartphone or computer
  • Click or tap "Get Started as a Student"
  • Follow the instructions on your screen
  • Use your class code

Instructions for Parents

  • Visit using your smartphone or computer
  • Click or tap "Get Started as a Parent"
  • Follow the instructions to create an account
  • When prompted, enter your student's Parent Code. (Parent Code can be found on the bottom left corner of the student's home page)

Parents have been sent log-on and code details but if you need them again please email: - stating your name and year group and I will send the very easy instructions to get started.