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Life at School

About life here at West Coventry Academy

College Leaders & Ambassadors


Welcome to Mercia!

Firstly hello and welcome to Mercia. We are proud to promote a sense of belonging and inclusivity across all year groups in Mercia and the pupils have responded magnificently to this. This family ethos is part of everything we do and unites us to achieve above and beyond what might normally be expected.

Since becoming the College Leader of Mercia in 2017, this achievement has been shown in many ways. We have won Sports Day in 2018 and 2019, became College Champions in 2018 and have raised over £400 for our chosen charity, MacMillan.

Mercia has proved to be able to come together and provide support in a variety of settings, to many different people, in many different environments. Many decisions are made by you (the students), on the direction of Mercia, supported by the amazing work of our Student Leadership team.

We are Mercia!


Hello Warwick!

Here in Warwick you will feel a sense of a family and being part of a team. We all look out for each other and work together to achieve outstanding results. As the current college champions, I am incredibly proud to be in charge of such wonderful young men and women and it is an absolute pleasure to have you in my extended family.

We have a real focus on developing you as an independent and respectful person who can go out into the world and make huge waves with your determination and resilience, to become very successful and utilize the morals you all possess. You have a real ownership of Warwick because this is your college. Where there is unity, there is victory. I can’t wait to see Warwick grow year on year and to see the incredible people that are a part of this College develop into inspirational people.


Ubi concordia ibi victoria ("Where there is unity, there is victory.")