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WCA College Roundup - December 2019

Students at WCA have made a fantastic start to the new academic year, getting involved in a number of College activities based around our new College Values initiative. This term, students in Warwick, Godiva, Leofric and Mercia have focussed on Respect and Tolerance. The new focus for next term will be revealed in the College celebration assemblies in the last week of term.

As part of our PSHE day on Wednesday 16th October students engaged in activities promoting gender equality with our Smashing Stereotypes themed College afternoon. Students took part in:

·         Boys Netball

·         Girls Rugby

·         BBC Young Reporter Competition

·         Smashing Stereotypes research activities

·         Smashing Stereotypes Quiz

Students across the colleges produced some fantastic work, with some being entered for the national Smashing Stereotypes and BBC Young Reporters competitions.

We recently launched a national poetry competition to our students. The theme of this competition is “Our Country” and focusses on what our country means to us. Students are encouraged to submit their entries to College Leaders by Friday 13th December, or by emailing them into

The current standings in the College Points system are as follows.

1.       Mercia – 1430pts

2.       Warwick – 1310pts

3.       Leofric – 940pts

4.       Godiva – 930pts

There is still plenty of time to get involved in College activities and bring those points totals up. Remember to keep up to date with all the events on your College Noticeboard at the bottom of Four Storey!

College Leaders

Mr Goodier – Godiva
Mrs Porter – Leofric
Mr Shellis – Warwick
Mr Gerrard - Mercia